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Q&A With New Varsity Head Baseball Coach Steve Healy ’81

BC High Athletics caught up with our new Head Varsity Baseball Coach, Mr. Steve Healy’81, for our newest installment of ‘Athletics Q & A’:

Question #1: You played Baseball here and then have been an assistant in the program for the past 14 years. First, how does it feel to be the next Head BC High Baseball Coach? And second, how do you plan on putting your stamp on the program?

SH: “It’s an awesome feeling to achieve something you have always dreamed about doing. I am tremendously thankful for the opportunity to lead the BCH baseball program. It is very humbling to be entrusted with guiding a program that you care so deeply about. The baseball program has a deep tradition of success and now being the person to ensure that tradition continues is a huge honor for me.  My stamp on the program will be creating a culture where the players who go through our program become better men – men for others – while also becoming better ballplayers.”
Question #2: What characteristics/traits will be visible in a BC High baseball player under Coach Healy?
SH: “I think gritty and hungry might be two traits at the top of list of our ball club. I think we want guys who are continuously looking to improve and get a little bit better each day. Lastly, I think it also very important for us to win with class and to lose with dignity.”

Question #3: How did BC High prepare you personally in life?

SH: “My time at BC High as a high school student prepared me well for life.  Perseverance, time management, not being afraid to participate or join something, and kindness to others were core values I established while at BCH.”

Question #4: What was your favorite course at BC High when you were a student?

SH: “My favorite class at BCH was hands down Current Events with Mike Moresco as our teacher.  We used the magazine “US News & World Reports” as our textbook and would discuss events that we read about in the magazine.  The Big M as we called Mr. Moresco also took our class on a field trip to the Charles Street Jail where we had a “scared straight” talk given to us by inmates who were locked in a jail cell with us.  Very impactful !”