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Specific match schedule for this wkd’s Robotics comp. in Reading posted

And even if you can’t join us in person, cheer us on from home by watching for us at https://www.twitch.tv/nefirst_blue. WATCH FOR TEAM 3958. And, so you know which one of the six on the field is ours during the match, the robot our team has designed and built is a rather “short” one with a green light at the center of our top support bar and an LED strip down its side, and it zips quickly around taking “hatches” from the loading area and putting them on the rocket ships. Our students are dressed in electric safety green t-shirts and you can see them behind the safety glass operating their robot (can’t miss them!).
Starting on Saturday 3/16 and continuing into Sunday 3/17, there are more than a dozen qualifying matches, followed by time for picking Alliances, then the final rounds (which hopefully, feature our team!). If you’re looking for much more specific times to watch for our students than what we’ve provided, check out the app FRC Spyder and search for team 3958. It will tell you what qualifying matches we’ve been assigned to.