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Sport Medicine & Athletic Training

Sports Medicine & Athletic Training

The physical well-being of all BC High student-athletes and our guests is our priority. Our goal is providing the best medical care for a return to the classroom and athletic participation in a thorough, timely, and the safest manner possible. We provide services that include
injury prevention, recognition, education, treatment, and rehabilitation.
These services will enable the athlete to maintain an optimal quality of life beyond their BC High athletic career.
The BC High Athletic Training Staff is composed of Athletic Trainers who are board-certified by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA), are licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and are under the direction and guidance of the Boston College High School team orthopedic physician. Supplemental healthcare providers include Athletic Training Students (interns) and a host of medical consultants and sub-specialists.
We are committed to the ongoing evaluation of our Athletic Training Department and its protocols, so our student-athletes can be assured of the highest quality of medical care.

In-season Injuries

The student-athlete is responsible for reporting all injuries, however minor, to the Athletic Training Staff as soon as possible. We will evaluate, determine the course of treatment, and make the proper referral, if necessary.
To make injury reporting convenient, the student-athlete and their parent(s)/guardian(s) can complete the “Report Injury Form” and request an evaluation using their ATS account.

Out of Season and Co-curricular Activity Injuries

Injuries or illnesses sustained outside of a BC High Athletics season or during an extracurricular activity must be reported to the Athletic Training Staff at the student-athlete’s earliest convenience using their ATS account. If the student-athlete is seen by a physician, the Injury Referral Form (located under the eFiles tab on ATS) must be completed and returned to the Athletic Training Staff by email, fax, or in person.
The BC High Athletic Training Staff will not assume responsibility of care for injuries that occur outside of a BC High practice or game. This includes town and club activities. Reporting of any injuries, however, is mandatory.

General Injury and Return to Play

After the student-athlete reports an injury, the Athletic Training Staff will determine the course of treatment (ie rehabilitation, doctor referral, etc). If a student-athlete sees a physician, they must return the Injury Referral Form (located under the eFiles tab on ATS) before a return to play decision is made. To ensure a timely return to participation, it is suggested the athlete do the following:
Arrive on time and the days determined for treatment and rehab. Receiving treatment or rehab is not an excuse for tardiness to practice or games. If you are unable to make your rehab day or time, please email the Athletic Training Staff at your earliest convenience.
Wear clean and appropriate clothing for treatment (T-Shirt and workout shorts). If you are not dressed appropriately, you will be asked to come back the next day.
If a Home Exercise Program is assigned, you are expected to complete the program at home.
Follow the Participation Status of the Athletic Training Staff.
The Athletic Training Staff determines the need for taping. Taping will not be done if a student-athlete fails to report for rehab. Any additional support needed after completing rehab must come in the form of a brace that the student-athlete and their parent(s)/guardian(s) are responsible for.
The final decision of a return to BC High Athletics participation rests with the Athletic Training Staff.
The consistent failure of a student-athlete to follow treatment and rehab recommendations will be interpreted as an unwillingness to cooperate with the Athletic Training Staff for the earliest return to participation and may result in the student-athlete being ineligible to participate in all BC High Athletic Department activities. The Head Coach and Athletic Directors will be informed of the Athletic Training Staff’s decision.

Concussion Protocol

Concussions are taken very seriously at BC High as they can affect a student-athlete’s ability to succeed in the classroom and complete daily tasks. Most student-athletes with a concussion get better and return to participation, but it is important to allow time for their brain to heal.
What should student-athletes and parents do if they think someone may have a concussion?
Immediately notify the coach, Athletic Training Staff, and/or school nurse. This can be done through the student-athlete’s ATS account.
Be evaluated by a licensed healthcare provider who is familiar with current concussion management.
Submit all required documents to the Athletic Training Staff. This can be done in person or through the student-athlete’s ATS account.
Give the brain time to heal. While a concussed brain is healing, it is much more likely to have another concussion. Repeat concussions can increase the time it takes to recover and may cause more damage.
Follow the physician’s and Athletic Training Staff’s recommendations for recovery until you receive permission from a physician to begin the Return to Play Protocol

Post Concussion Return to Play Protocol

Before a student-athlete can return to participation, all of the following steps must be completed:
1. The Post Sports-Related Head Injury Medical Clearance and Authorization Form must be completed by the treating physician, submitted, and reviewed by the Athletic Training Staff. This form is available and can be submitted under the eFiles tab through the student-athletes’ ATS account.
2. The student-athlete must complete the 6 Day Exertional Post Concussion Progression symptom-free
Day 1: Low levels of light physical activity: (Walking, Stationary Bike, Stretching exercises)
Day 2: Moderate levels of physical activity: (Jogging, Stationary Bike, Lightweight strength exercises, dynamic warm-up)
Day 3: Non-contact sports specific drills: (Dynamic Warm Ups, Track Running, Regular Weight Training, Agility Drills); Post Exercise ImPACT test
Day 4: Limited, controlled sports specific practice and drills (Warm Up, no contact drills)
Day 5: Return to practice (Full practice with no restrictions)
Day 6: Return to Sport with No Restrictions
Return to play is determined with consultation from the Boston College High School neuropsychologist and team physicians
3. It is the BC High Athletic Department’s Policy that a student-athlete complete a minimum of 1 day of full practice before game eligibility
4. The final decision of a return to BC High Athletics participation rests with the Athletic Training Staff.
The final decision of a return to BC High Athletics participation rests with the Athletic Training Staff.

BC High Medical Affiliations

Boston Children’s Hospital Affiliate Program
As part of our ongoing commitment to the health and safety of our athletes, BC High is proud to share a relationship with Boston Children’s Hospital Division of Sports Medicine. As an affiliate, members of the BC High have access to the following benefits:
A sports medicine priority phone line available Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Access to a Saturday Urgent Sports Medicine Clinic at 319 Longwood Avenue, 6th floor, Boston, offered 9am-3pm September through May.
Access to FasTrac, a free phone app that provides fast and direct phone and email access to Boston Children’s world-renowned experts when you need a sports medicine appointment.
To learn more about Boston Children’s Hospital Sports Medicine programs and injury prevention please visit bostonchildrens.org/sportsmed.
Priority and urgent appointments 857-218-5093
Saturday Urgent Sports Medicine Clinic 617-834-3098
Concussion Clinic 781-216-1328 or 617-355-3501
Radiology Scheduling 617-919-SCAN
The Michel Center for Sports Injury Prevention 781-373-2760
With locations in Boston, Lexington, Peabody, Waltham and Weymouth, specialized care is always within reach.
FasTrac is a phone app, so be sure to view this web page on your phone when downloading the app.
Dr. Joseph Chase
Team Orthopedist
Neal McGrath, Ph.D.
Consulting Neuropsychologist
Sports Concussion New England
Working together with BC High’s certified athletic trainer Anthony Wright, and school physician Dr. Joseph Chase, our neuropsychologists at Sports Concussion New England www.sportsconcussion.net provide specialized telemedicine consultation to review and analyze neurocognitive test results for preseason baseline and postinjury testing with ImPACT. We have worked closely with the BC High athletic department since 2007 and are available to consult on every ImPACT test administered to every student. Our goal as part of the school’s clinical team is to help ensure that all concussion injuries that may occur are managed to the highest standard of care.